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Karen Pettit

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Lead Client Care Coordinator

Karen Pettit

Karen Pettit is the Lead Client Care Coordinator, working with auditing charts, supporting nursing staff with day-to-day tasks, training staff, treatment plans, intakes, and discharges. Karen has worked in treatment for four years now, previously working in the Emergency Room Department and Urgent Care Facilities. Karen is a Certified Medical Assistant, Registered Substance Abuse Counselor, MAT Counselor and is currently finishing an Associate of Science in Alcohol and Drug Studies along with a Certificate of Achievement in Alcohol and Drug Studies.

Working at OCRC, Karen loves the family-like work environment. The help ORCRC provides clients is life-changing, and it warms her heart to be a part of it.Karen loves working in this industry because they get to see the changes and feel like they are helping change the world or at least someone’s world.

Professionally, Karen is passionate about teamwork and a work environment that makes someone happy to come to work. The more comfortable and happy the environment is, the better care clients receive. Karen is passionate about their partner, all our kids (dogs included), and my family, and constantly working on strengthening faith each day.

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