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Most Major PPO & POS Insurance Plans Can Help Pay for Rehab.

Ocean Coast Recovery works with most major PPO & POS insurance plans that offer out-of-network coverage for substance abuse treatment. Click the button below for an instant, free insurance benefits check. No Medicaid or Medicare accepted at this time.

Lifelong Healing is Possible

Introduction to Aftercare

For many, the decision to get sober comes because the consequences of using drugs and alcohol have become unbearable. The consequences may have been financial, emotional, legal, psychological, or a combination of all. Whatever brought you to want to get sober, you may not have thought about what it would be like to live a life in recovery. So when the time comes to leaving treatment, you may have some trepidation about what life will look like in sobriety. 

Inpatient rehab is a more protected space. Thinking about life after rehab can cause you to feel overwhelmed. You may wonder if you can live your life sober. You must recognize the work that you’ve done in rehab and how it will support you as you move forward. You are no longer the person that arrived at detox, unable to even consider the possibility of one day without using. By the time you leave rehab, you will have done a tremendous amount of work around your addiction. You’ll have resources and tools that you can rely on to remain in recovery. Still, the early days of sobriety are often challenging, and that’s why drug addiction aftercare can be an essential tool. 

We all know that the goal is to remain sober, but we also know that relapse happens. It can take more than one attempt to get and stay sober. And while, yes, relapse can be very dangerous, it doesn’t mean your recovery is over. If you relapse, you’ll want to work with your treatment team to see what lessons you can learn from the experience. Instead of getting bogged down by shame, you can keep moving forward on your recovery path. Relapse is a detour, not a dead end.  Aftercare can help you prevent relapse from happening, but it can also help you recover from it if it does happen.

Safe & Comfortable


Detoxification is often the first step in the treatment process, where we assist you through withdrawals with medications and other comforts that ease the process.


Residential Inpatient

The residential inpatient program at Ocean Coast Recovery was designed to be about you and your needs when it comes to treating substance abuse. We offer 30, 60, and 90+ day options knowing that the longer the stay, the higher the chances of success in recovery.

Ensuring Long-Lasting Recovery


Obtaining long-term recovery is made possible by aftercare. After you leave inpatient treatment, Ocean Coast Recovery is here for you with aftercare programs. 

Know What to Expect

What Happens After I Complete Rehab?

Leaving rehab may feel a bit like leaving home for the first time. You’ll be both looking forward to your newfound independence and a bit scared of how to handle it. Much of what your life will look like after rehab may be determined by what your life looked like before rehab. If your living situation was a healthy one, you might return to it and continue drug rehab aftercare from there. However, if your pre-treatment living arrangements weren’t serving you, you may explore living in a sober house. Residing in a sober living facility may better support your life in recovery, particularly in the early days. 

You might also participate in outpatient rehab and choose to attend meetings at peer support recovery groups such as twelve-step fellowships. Your aftercare plan, much like your entire treatment plan, will be tailored to you. Your treatment team will work with you at admission and throughout your treatment to customize your plan to serve you and your sobriety best. Your relapse prevention plan may read like a flow chart and include “if/then” statements to help you navigate your cravings and urges to use because the truth is that you will be tempted to use again. Aftercare can help you to move through those temptations without relapsing.

Premiere Addiction Treatment

Ocean Coast Recovery is not the typical substance abuse provider. We believe that no matter what, a person should be guided to the help they need. Our program works with most health insurance carriers to help lower any out-of-pocket costs that could be associated with treatment. Our goal is to get you on your path to recovery as quickly and safely as possible.

Stay Sober and Connected

The Benefits of Aftercare & Continued Treatment

Creating a life without drugs and alcohol is a bit like learning a new language. While in treatment, you will discover a lot of information about yourself and your addiction. You will also build a toolkit filled with coping mechanisms for living without drugs and alcohol. You’ll have a whole new way of talking through and dealing with your feelings. However, you can’t try out your new tools in rehab in the same way that you can outside of rehab. While you are in rehab, you and others on the road to recovery are working with compassionate professionals to learn how to live without drugs and alcohol. It’s a bit like being in a language class with others who are also all beginners. 

When you leave inpatient rehab, you’ll take what you’ve learned out into the world. You know the tools, and you know the new language, but speaking it out in the world may seem frightening. Drug rehab aftercare allows you to keep practicing how to speak your truth in this new language and live your life in recovery. As you work through stressful situations and relationship difficulties, you may struggle. Talking about concerns and struggles with others on a similar path can help you feel less alone. Drug rehab aftercare can be thought of like continuing education that provides you additional support to maintain your sobriety. 

Research has shown that aftercare participation decreases the chances of relapse and increases the chances of refraining from using drugs and alcohol. Participating in drug rehab aftercare helps you to build a support network and have more connections to others. By the time you found your way to sobriety, your life may have revolved around nothing except finding and using drugs. You may have lost touch with what life without drugs could even look like. Depending on where your addiction took you, you might not have the support of family or friends. Aftercare allows you to connect with others who are also working on their recovery. Attending aftercare and peer support recovery groups can help you remain rooted in your recovery. Attending both will provide you with a way to fill up your time while you’re learning how to live sober. Early sobriety can feel like you’ve just put on a new suit that you’re not quite comfortable wearing. Aftercare allows you to sit in that new suit with others in the same situation to work through the trials and tribulations of early sobriety. Having the perspective of others can give you ideas for how to approach different situations. Hearing that others are struggling can help you to feel less alone in your struggles. Our drug addiction aftercare programs will support you as you learn to be more comfortable in sobriety. 

What People Say About Ocean Coast Recovery

Stories of Hope & Recovery

Ocean Coast Recovery Center is the best place you could choose in Orange County when looking for a quality drug rehab program. Everyone from the admissions team to therapists and techs truly care about the outcomes. I'd suggest OCRC any day of the week!
Cindy M.
When I was looking for a drug rehab in Orange County I came across Ocean Coast Recovery Center, and I am beyond grateful I did! From the first day I felt like my recovery was in good hands and I can't thank them enough!
Jake K.
What else can you say about OCRC? It's 2 blocks from the beach. They have an individual program, delicious meals, caring staff and they go above and beyond for each and every client that walks through the doors.
Joseph L.
Ocean Coast Recovery was truly an experience in care and compassion. From our first call, we knew we found our son the place that would finally help him and his individual needs. I can't thank you enough for helping us get our son back!
Joanne J.

Preparing for Life After Rehab

Aftercare Planning in Orange County

Aftercare planning begins with a review of your life while in active addiction. You’ll work with your treatment team to review your living arrangements, your job, and your circle of friends. Every part of your life will have to be viewed through the lens of a life in recovery. If your entire social circle used drugs and alcohol, you might find that you cannot or do not wish to spend time with those friends anymore. If others in your home use drugs and alcohol, you might not want to live in the same house anymore. If you found yourself using drugs and alcohol with your coworkers, it may be time to change employment. 

Planning for life after inpatient residential treatment can help you to address these decisions in advance.  Simply by attending rehab and peer support recovery groups, you will begin to build a support network of others in recovery. Friendships developed in rehab and peer support recovery groups can be lifelong and an integral part of your recovery success. While you are in rehab, you will identify the changes you need to make, and our staff can assist you in determining the resources you need to sustain your recovery after rehab. 

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Long-lasting recovery

Find Lasting Recovery in Huntington Beach

Getting sober is the first step of recovery. The rest of the work is all about staying sober. At Ocean Coast, we understand that the work of sobriety doesn’t end when you leave rehab. Active addiction is isolating. We will work with you to help you build connections with others in recovery to be no longer isolated. You are not an addict who happens to be a person; you are an individual who happens to be struggling with addiction. We will help you rediscover the person you were before the drugs and alcohol took over. Recovering from drugs and alcohol takes time. We are here to walk with you by creating a tailored treatment plan that meets you where you are. We believe that everyone is a unique individual who can lead a successful, fulfilling life. Within a safe and luxurious peer community, you will acquire the tools you need to achieve your recovery goals. Contact us today to learn how we can support your road into recovery.