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Most Major PPO & POS Insurance Plans Can Help Pay for Rehab.

Ocean Coast Recovery works with most major PPO & POS insurance plans that offer out-of-network coverage for substance abuse treatment. Click the button below for an instant, free insurance benefits check. No Medicaid or Medicare accepted at this time.

Insurance and Addiction

What is Beacon Health?

Beacon Health is a healthcare coverage provider whose mission is to “help people live their lives to the fullest potential.” Beacon Health has a set of corporate values, including integrity, community, and advocacy, that work towards supporting its identified mission. 

Beacon Health focuses on behavioral health concerns for its members and has been leading the way for mental health and substance use solutions for decades. Beacon Health has developed working relationships with providers with the highest standards of care to ensure that their members receive treatment that will help them live their best lives. 

Ocean Coast Recovery is a Beacon Health drug rehab in Huntington Beach, California. We can provide you with inpatient addiction treatment, including detoxification and a residential inpatient program in Orange County. When you complete our inpatient rehab program, you will have the option of continuing in our aftercare program for an added source of support in the early stages of your recovery. To learn more about the services available at Ocean Coast Recovery, call (866)456-2812 today.

Safe & Comfortable


Detoxification is often the first step in the treatment process, where we assist you through withdrawals with medications and other comforts that ease the process.


Residential Inpatient

The residential inpatient program at Ocean Coast Recovery was designed to be about you and your needs when it comes to treating substance abuse. We offer 30, 60, and 90+ day options knowing that the longer the stay, the higher the chances of success in recovery.

Ensuring Long-Lasting Recovery


Obtaining long-term recovery is made possible by aftercare. After you leave inpatient treatment, Ocean Coast Recovery is here for you with aftercare programs. 

Know Your Insurance

What is Covered by Beacon Health?

Since Beacon Health focuses on mental health and substance use treatment, it is not surprising that they can provide coverage for addiction treatment. Depending on your chosen plan, you may be eligible for full or partial coverage for your addiction treatment. Beacon Health has specific requirements for providers considered in-network to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. 

We encourage you to contact a Beacon Health representative to learn more about your plan and verify your benefits. You can do so by calling the number on the back of your insurance ID card, or by using their online member portal. 

Ocean Coast Recovery offers an evidenced-based residential inpatient treatment program that uses group counseling, individual counseling, skills groups, and other activities to help prepare you for your recovery. Once you have built your sobriety tool kit, you will return home to use the knowledge and skills you have gained during your time at Ocean Coast Recovery. Call (866) 456-2812 to learn more about how Ocean Coast Recovery can support you in your recovery.

Premiere Addiction Treatment

Ocean Coast Recovery is not the typical substance abuse provider. We believe that no matter what, a person should be guided to the help they need. Our program works with most health insurance carriers to help lower any out-of-pocket costs that could be associated with treatment. Our goal is to get you on your path to recovery as quickly and safely as possible.

Addiction Treatment Types

Is Drug Rehab Treatment Covered by Beacon Health?

Beacon Health’s addiction treatment coverage can vary based on your plan. Differences can be seen with your deductibles, co-pays, and the length of treatment that will be covered. Beacon Health can provide coverage for inpatient treatment services such as detoxification, inpatient rehab treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. In regards to outpatient treatment, Beacon Health members may be eligible for coverage. However, you may have differences in your coverage based on your chosen plan.

Ocean Coast Recovery is the ideal drug and alcohol rehab center in Huntington Beach. Our evidenced-based treatment program will be tailored to fit your lifestyle and needs to ensure that you are receiving the personalized care you deserve. Our staff will work with you to build your sobriety tool kit and help you feel prepared for the challenges you may encounter in early recovery. To learn more about how Ocean Coast Recovery can make a difference in your life, call (866) 456-2812 to speak with a representative today.

What People Say About Ocean Coast Recovery

Stories of Hope & Recovery

Ocean Coast Recovery Center is the best place you could choose in Orange County when looking for a quality drug rehab program. Everyone from the admissions team to therapists and techs truly care about the outcomes. I'd suggest OCRC any day of the week!
Cindy M.
When I was looking for a drug rehab in Orange County I came across Ocean Coast Recovery Center, and I am beyond grateful I did! From the first day I felt like my recovery was in good hands and I can't thank them enough!
Jake K.
What else can you say about OCRC? It's 2 blocks from the beach. They have an individual program, delicious meals, caring staff and they go above and beyond for each and every client that walks through the doors.
Joseph L.
Ocean Coast Recovery was truly an experience in care and compassion. From our first call, we knew we found our son the place that would finally help him and his individual needs. I can't thank you enough for helping us get our son back!
Joanne J.

Know how to use your BCBS

How Long Will Beacon Health Cover Addiction Treatment?

The length of time that Beacon Health will provide coverage will depend on a variety of factors. This will include the details of your chosen plan, along with personal characteristics regarding your addiction. As an example, they will take into consideration the length of time that you have been struggling, the severity of your addiction, any medical complications you have, accompanying mental health struggles, and foreseeable risk factors. 

If you are in need of a Beacon Health drug rehab in Huntington Beach, California, we invite you to speak with an Ocean Coast Recovery representative about our addiction treatment options. We offer a detoxification program, a residential inpatient treatment program, and aftercare for those who complete our inpatient treatment program. Our inpatient treatment programs can vary from 30 to 90 days, and all of our treatment options will be tailored to fit your needs. Call (866) 456-2812 to speak with an Ocean Coast Recovery representative today. 

Verify Benefits and Coverage for BCBS

Are There Beacon Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Huntington Beach, CA?

For individuals struggling with addiction in Huntington Beach, CA, there are a variety of drug and alcohol rehab centers available to help. This includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Individuals struggling with other mental health concerns will find that there are treatment programs offering specialized treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma-related concerns.

Ocean Coast Recovery is a Beacon Health drug and alcohol rehab center in Huntington Beach, California. After completing your detox period, our inpatient rehab program will be modified to your needs and can range from 1 to 3 months. You will engage in group therapy, individual therapy, skills groups, and other activities that will help prepare you for your recovery. If you would like a continued source of support after finishing our rehab program, you can join our aftercare program, where you will have a continued source of support through group therapy. To learn more about how Ocean Coast Recovery can support you, call (866) 456-2812 today.

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Verify Benefits and Coverage for BCBS

Ocean Coast Recovery Accepts Beach Health Insurance

Ocean Coast Recovery is an addiction treatment provider in Huntington Beach, California. We are a Beacon Health drug and alcohol rehab center that can provide you with inpatient and aftercare programming. 

Our inpatient program begins with our medically monitored detoxification program. During this time, our focus will be on helping you cope with the discomfort you may feel during the withdrawal process. Once you are feeling well, you can then begin engaging in our residential rehab program. 

Our inpatient rehab program will have you participating in group therapy, individual therapy, skills groups, and other activities that work towards preparing you for your recovery. After developing your sobriety tool kit, you should be armored with the knowledge needed to cope with challenges, cravings, and triggers. 

Individuals who complete our inpatient rehab program are eligible for our aftercare services. For many, having a continued source of support in a familiar place can help establish consistency and accountability in your recovery. Individuals who engage in aftercare programming decrease their chances of relapsing. 

Addiction is, unfortunately, a common struggle for individuals in the Huntington Beach area. If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to call Ocean Coast Recovery at (866) 456-2812 to learn about how our tailored Huntington Beach treatment center can make a difference in your recovery.