Why Forgiveness in Recovery Can Be Your Strongest Ally

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If you are in recovery or someone you love is seeking help, forgiveness can be your strongest ally in ensuring the successful completion of that recovery program. Forgiveness may seem like a small thing, but voicing it or acting upon it can make all the difference.

Ocean Coast Recovery is a Huntington Beach drug rehab that can help you or a loved one overcome their substance abuse issues.

What is The Role of Forgiveness in Recovery?

Forgiveness plays an essential role in recovery. It is a two-pronged role that involves forgiveness and addiction recovery from family or friends who may have been involved in or hurt by substance abuse, as well as self-forgiveness in recovery.

Forgiveness is a crucial part of recovery and can be your strongest ally because substance abuse can build many negative things within relationships and within yourself. Without forgiveness, it can be impossible to do away with these things, equivalent to trying to clean a messy bedroom by stacking everything on the bed instead of actually cleaning it out.

Benefits of Forgiveness in Addiction Recovery

The benefits of self-forgiveness in recovery are physical and mental. Choosing to utilize the healing power of self-forgiveness and forgiveness amongst friends and family can do several things. 

Boost Self-Esteem

Practicing self-forgiveness in recovery can help ameliorate compounded anger, guilt, or resentment that may have impeded your ability to progress.

For example, many individuals struggling with substance abuse also have negative automatic thoughts, which contribute to poor self-image and low self-esteem. With Ocean Coast Recovery, we provide cognitive behavioral therapy to help address these automatic thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Changing automatic thoughts from negative to positive contributes to positive changes in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

But this cannot be achieved if individuals haven’t forgiven themselves for mistakes they’ve made in the past or are holding on to resentment against another family member for how they were treated.

  • Practicing forgiveness in addiction recovery can remove guilt or shame and lead to a better self-image and self-esteem.

Better Relationships

Studies indicate that isolation is one of the riskiest issues following any form of substance abuse treatment. If an individual feels isolated, without any friends, family, or support, they are at a higher risk of relapse.

Without the practice of forgiveness in recovery, clients cannot repair relationships in their past, which can greatly increase the risk of isolation and loneliness. With Ocean Coast Recovery, we involve family therapy as part of your group therapy should the situation warrant it. This form of family integration provides a safe place for people to talk through issues of the past, ask for and receive forgiveness in addiction recovery, and do away with the risk of loneliness and relapse.

  • Practicing forgiveness in recovery can replace negative feelings like mistrust, guilt, anger, hopelessness, or conflict with trust, support, love, and peace.

Beat Health Concerns

Drug and alcohol recovery takes time, and it can be full of physical and emotional discomfort. At the start, clients have to deal with detox, which has unpleasant side effects. With a compromised immune system because of drug and alcohol abuse, individuals can struggle for a longer period to fight these unpleasant side effects and to reach a place where they are physically strong.

Forgiveness can do away with things like stress, depression, anxiety, poor immune system health, high blood pressure, and poor sleep. This means that practicing the art of self-forgiveness in recovery and forgiveness with others can put you in a place where you are physically and emotionally healthier, where you don’t have as much anxiety or stress, where you can sleep, and where you can stay healthy no matter what comes your way.

  • Practicing forgiveness and addiction recovery can boost physical and mental health, leading to a higher chance of a successful recovery and long-term sobriety.

Get Help with Ocean Coast Recovery

Ocean Coast Recovery offers detox and inpatient services to the Huntington Beach area. As a luxury facility just five minutes from the beach, we provide residential treatment involving families and forgiveness in the recovery process.

Our Huntington Beach treatment center offers several types of therapy, like CBT, DBT, individual therapy, and family therapy. But more than that, we offer holistic care like meditation, surfing, and beach trips. Throughout all of that, we highlight the importance of self-forgiveness so that individuals can shed their baggage and move on to a new start in life.

Let our team help you practice the power of forgiveness. Call us today to learn more about our rehab center.

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