How to Detox From Cocaine

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There are many types of drugs that are commonly used frequently in society, and most of the time these drugs are addictive. Each type of drug addiction comes with its own side effects and requires specialized treatment for someone to get clean and sober. Part of the process of getting sober is detox and the effects of detoxing from each substance is different as well. That’s why it’s important to know how the detox process works for each drug and how to do it properly. 

At Ocean Coast Recovery we know how difficult the struggle with addiction is and what it means to want to get clean. That’s why we are devoted to showing our clients the right way to pursue addiction recovery from whatever substance they are addicted to. In this post, we will focus on the drug cocaine, what it is, the signs of cocaine addiction, how to safely detox from cocaine, and why you should never try to detox from cocaine at home. 

What Is Cocaine? 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Cocaine is in a category of drugs known as stimulants. Cocaine in particular is a very powerful stimulant that is derived from the coca plant. It has been taken in its base form for years due to the stimulant effects. 

The crystalline powder form of the drug is the most commonly used. Most often it is either snorted, smoked, or liquified and injected to produce an intense feeling of alertness and energy that is common with most stimulants. 

Unlike some forms of stimulants, cocaine is no longer used for medicinal purposes and is an illegal drug. 

What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction? 

Cocaine is highly addictive because it reacts with the central nervous system and the brain. This means that even after a short time a person may become addicted. It is important to know the signs of cocaine addiction in order to get your loved one the proper help they need to detox from cocaine and get sober. 

Some signs of cocaine addiction include: 

  • Unnatural increases in energy
  • An upbeat mood 
  • Irritability 
  • Restlessness 
  • Paranoia 

Along with these symptoms, you may notice changes in day-to-day behavior as a person begins to use more and more cocaine to sustain their addiction. This can include distancing themselves from family and friends, neglecting necessary duties like work and family responsibilities, and even engaging in reckless behavior in order to obtain more cocaine. 

How to Detox From Cocaine 

While many people may attempt to abruptly stop using cocaine in an effort to get clean and detox their system, this is actually the wrong way to get sober. While detox is a vital component to recovery from addiction, it is never a good idea to attempt to do so from home. 

The proper way to detox from any drug, including cocaine is to seek treatment at a local drug and alcohol treatment facility like ours here at Ocean Coast Recovery. Treatment facilities are places that have the tools and staff needed to properly complete the detox process and give clients the best chances of successful recovery. 

Why You Should Never Try To Detox From Drugs and Alcohol at Home 

The main reason why you should never try to detox from drugs and alcohol at home is because detoxing can cause life-threatening side effects that need to be managed by a properly trained medical staff in a safe and secure environment. 

Besides the potential for physical danger, detoxing at home carries a much higher probability of relapse due to lack of supervision and stressors that can cause a person to want to use again instead of staying clean.

At Ocean Coast Recovery we provide all of our clients with individualized treatment plans that start with medically supervised detox, followed by an inpatient treatment stay at our facility where clients are given all the tools necessary to live a life post addiction. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with an addiction to cocaine and is ready to start the recovery process, contact Ocean Coast Recovery today. 

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