How To Help My Husband With Drug Addiction

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Dealing with addiction is a difficult thing for many people. For those dealing with a spouse that has an addiction the problem is even greater. Part of the problem is that many people don’t understand how and why addiction works the way it does. For someone with a partner that is addicted it is important to not only know whether or not your husband is addicted, but how to help your husband with addiction. While some addiction signs are the same, for someone in a marriage, they may also exhibit other signs that make it harder to figure out if they have an addiction. 

At Ocean Coast Recovery we know that these situations can be difficult and stressful for everyone involved. That’s why we want to give our clients and their spouses the tools and information they need to identify addiction and get them the right kind of help for their unique situation. 

Signs My Husband Is Addicted to Drugs 

Part of the reason it is so difficult to tell if your husband is on drugs is that, as our loved ones, we don’t want to believe they are addicted. Your husband will likely go to great lengths to conceal their drug use from you. 

It’s easy to believe that your husband is not using drugs or in the case of prescription drugs, that they are only using what is necessary for proper treatment. The line between normal use and abuse of a substance can be thin, making it that much harder for someone to tell if their husband is addicted. 

The easiest way to tell if your husband is suffering from addiction is to look for physical signs that they are using drugs or alcohol. These can include a wide range of signs such as bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, slurred speech, lack of coordination, tremors, poor hygiene or self-care, and insomnia. 

Behavioral signs are another part of identifying addiction in your husband. These are more difficult to detect, but if you notice some or all of these signs, it is highly likely that your husband has an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

There are a few common behavior signs that are easier to identify if you think your husband may have an addiction. Abandoning favorite activities like sports and hobbies, aggressive or secretive behavior, relationship problems with friends and family, legal trouble, erratic behavior, and continuing prescription use longer than recommended. 

These signs in conjunction with physical effects are a good indication that your spouse may have a drug addiction. 

How To Help My Husband With Drug Addiction 

The first step of how to help your husband with drug addiction is to be kind and supportive and remind them that getting help is the first part of recovering and getting their life back. Many spouses become secretive because they are ashamed of their behavior, which can make it more difficult to get them to seek help. 

Once you’ve convinced your husband to get help, the next step is to find the right treatment facility to meet the needs of their specific addiction. Depending on what it is they are addicted to, they will have different needs for treatment. 

Ocean Coast Recovery offers personalized treatment in a relaxing setting so that all your husband has to focus on is getting clean of their addiction. We are an inpatient rehab facility with top-class medical professionals dedicated to client recovery. Each program starts with an evaluation, followed by medically supervised detoxification. Our treatment plans are designed to get the client clean by addressing the underlying causes of addiction rather than just treating the substance abuse. 

We also offer aftercare services for continued support once treatment has ended. If your husband is suffering from addiction, contact Ocean Coast Recovery today. 

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