How To Quit Drugs for Good

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Many people who suffer from addiction to drugs constantly struggle to get sober. Because addiction is a disease and a continuous battle, it can be hard to figure out how to get clean and stay that way because of all the outlying factors that lead to addiction. Addiction is not a simple disease and many people relapse, sometimes multiple times before they get clean. That is why it is important to continue to search for the right treatment options in order to finally get clean and sober. 

At Ocean Coast Recovery we know the lifelong struggle that is drug addiction. While trying to quit drugs can feel like an overwhelming feat, there are trusted professionals who can help and there is a way to quit drugs for good with the proper treatment, support, and continuing care to go along with it. The first step is knowing the signs and symptoms of drug addiction and when it is time to get help. 

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction 

The first thing to understand is that drug addiction is a disease and that means it requires proper medical treatment. It is never a good idea to stop doing drugs on your own or at home. Knowing the signs will help you know when it is time to get help at a treatment facility. 

There are two types of symptoms that a person with an addiction can experience. It’s important to note that what each person experiences and how they experience it will vary because each individual addiction is different. 

The first type of signs that a person has a drug addiction are considered behavioral symptoms. These may include a number of changes in the person addicted. Signs of addiction include changes in mood, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms are often accompanied by things like mood swings and inattentiveness, particularly to things that a person used to care about. They may also experience feelings of extreme guilt at their drug use and wonder how best to deal with the situation, which in turn leads to more drug use. 

People addicted to drugs often experience a wide range of emotions, including remorse about their drug use and their actions, but without knowing how to deal with the addiction and how to quit drugs, it can be impossible to stop using. 

The second set of signs of drug addiction are physical signs. These include many of the hallmark signs of drug use, nausea, paranoia, hyperactivity, restlessness, inability to focus, and constant craving for drugs. 

These symptoms may be accompanied by acting out in certain ways, such as neglecting familial duties, work, or social circles. They may start lying about their drug use, deflecting blame onto others, or close themselves off altogether. 

How To Quit Drugs for Good

The first secret to how to quit drugs is admitting that you have a problem and you need help. Once this realization is made, the next step is to find the right treatment facility for you so that you can get the help you need. After you complete a 30,60, or 90-day treatment program, you’ll want to explore your aftercare options.

Aftercare is a key component to quitting drugs for good. A solid aftercare plan will give you all the tools you need to remain sober for the long run.

Ocean Coast Recovery is a luxury inpatient rehab facility that is dedicated to providing the best quality treatment for our clients so that all they have to focus on is getting clean and sober. The reason our treatment plans work are because the plans are custom-tailored to each client to treat the root causes of their individual addiction. Our counseling services help to identify the reasons for the addiction and give the client the tools to deal with living an addiction-free life once they are sober. We go a step further by providing aftercare services that offer continued support for those in recovery so that they can learn how to quit drugs for good. Reach out to us today to get help with an addiction. 

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