What is Individualized Addiction Treatment?

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There are many paths toward recovery. The best approach is one that works for you and your situation. Individualized addiction treatment offers a unique path toward being drug and alcohol-free, and the more specific a program is to your needs, the higher the chances of success. 

What are the Signs of Addiction?

Addiction manifests itself differently in each person. You might show different signs of addiction than a friend or family member. These signs can be physical or behavioral. 

Social drug or alcohol use can quickly turn into an addiction when it becomes the most important thing in your life.

You might notice lifestyle changes where all you think about is getting your next fix. You might stop going to work on time or completing your school work because you are either trying to get drugs or alcohol or using drugs and alcohol.

When drugs and alcohol become the most important thing in your life, you might show behavioral signs like self-isolating and spending more time away from your friends and family.

As drugs become the most important part of your life, your addiction can force you to do whatever is necessary to get your hands on more of the substance, and this might lead to illegal activities like stealing in order to get money for more drugs.

Signs of addiction can include:

  • Missing money or valuables
  • Changes in your behavior, usually noticed by friends or family
  • Intermittent drug or alcohol use
  • Legal troubles
  • Lying and secretive behavior
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Withdrawal from hobbies, friends, family, or social activities
  • Physical symptoms of withdrawal when you aren’t using

What is Individualized Addiction Treatment?

Individualized addiction treatment is, as the name suggests, individualized. That means the treatment you get for your addiction is made just for you, with therapies that will work best to help you overcome the substances to which you are addicted and the triggers in your life. 

Therapy Options for Individualized Treatment Plans

A big part of individualized treatment plans in Huntington Beach, California, is access to multiple therapeutic programs. Long-term success is significantly more likely if you are able to address the underlying causes of your addiction and what triggers in your environment keep you addicted.

You might need individual therapy with one-on-one counseling sessions to address what experiences have contributed to your addictive behaviors and work through negative thought patterns.

You can benefit from group therapy sessions where you can participate in guided sessions with your peers and share individual experiences in a social setting.

You also have the chance to utilize holistic therapies that might include meditation, yoga, nutritional classes, walks on the beach, and more.

Benefits of Individualized Treatment 

Individualized treatment plans provide rehabilitation approaches that meet your needs. This might include identifying the reasons you became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place, maybe helping you to resolve unidentified trauma so that you have a better chance of long-term sobriety. Individualized treatments cater to your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Benefits include:

  • Getting access to a treatment program that considers your personal experiences and how your addiction has impacted your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Having medically-supervised detoxification and medications to manager withdrawal symptoms
  • Getting the opportunity to use a number of different therapies to address your experience with addiction
  • Treating your addiction as a disease and not a moral failing so that you have a better chance at long-term recovery
  • Access to treatment targets all of your addictions if you have more than one
  • A place for diagnosing and treating physical, mental, and emotional health issues that are a part of your detoxification and rehabilitation

Finding Individualized Addiction Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

Each situation is unique. You have reasons why you turned to drugs or alcohol and why you became addicted. Your reasons vary from that of someone else. You will have unique perspectives about your experiences. All of this can help professionals create a treatment program that meets your needs. 

If you want help finding individualized addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, let Ocean Coast help. We are here to help you escape from the environment that led to your addiction. We offer a residential rehab program in Huntington Beach, CA, that caters to the treatments you need most. 
Contact us today to learn why our individualized addiction treatment plans are the better choice for you.

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