Why Do People Get Addicted to Valium?

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Addiction is something that plagues millions of people every day, and most of the time, when we think about addiction, we think about illicit drugs that are acquired by less than legal means. The truth is, a large percentage of drugs that are used are either legal or are prescribed by doctors to treat a particular condition. Often, a prescribed medication can become addictive over prolonged use. Still, a whole range of factors determines whether something is addictive or not and whether an individual actually becomes addicted to the drug.

At Ocean Coast Recovery, we know that prescription drug addiction is difficult to deal with and that not everyone can recognize the signs and symptoms or know what to do if their loved one becomes addicted. Even worse, because it is their loved one, they may not want to admit that they have an addiction. To help our clients and their families, we want everyone to have the information they need to recognize addiction and get help. In this piece, we will discuss the drug Valium, what it is, and answer why people get addicted to Valium. 

What is Valium? 

Valium is a brand name of the drug Diazepam. It is in a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. These drugs are often used to treat neurological conditions by acting on the brain and central nervous system to calm certain reactions and help with mood disorders. 

Valium is widely prescribed to treat anxiety-related disorders but can also be used to treat things like alcoholism, muscle spasms, and seizures. Because of the range of conditions that Valium is able to treat, it is more often prescribed than other types of drugs. 

Why Do People Get Addicted to Valium? 

Valium is labeled as habit-forming and highly addictive. Because it is widely prescribed, a large number of people become addicted. There are several reasons why a person may become addicted, though it is not always intentional misuse. 

One of the primary causes of addiction to Valium is because of the way that it interacts with the chemistry of the body. Valium is incredibly addictive because it reacts with both the brain and the central nervous system. Over time the body adapts to the drug, and a person may require more and more to achieve the same effects. This can lead to misuse, illicit behavior to obtain more of the drug, and many side effects. 

There are many physical side effects of Valium abuse, such as intense cravings for the drug, inability to focus properly, and if not given enough of the drug, withdrawal symptoms. These are accompanied by behavioral symptoms such as lack of interest in social activities, ignoring or failing to meet familial or life obligations, and even self-isolation and mood disorders. 

According to some research, even taking Valium for only 4-6 weeks can lead to addiction. 

How to Get Help With a Valium Addiction

The first step to getting help with any addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Valium makes this difficult as many people don’t realize they have a problem until well into the course of their addiction. That’s why support from family and friends is always beneficial. 

Once you realize you have a problem, the next step is to seek treatment at a licensed treatment facility like Ocean Coast Recovery. Getting help at a treatment facility is the best way to maximize chances at recovery and reduce the chances of relapse. 

Ocean Coast Recovery is a luxury inpatient treatment facility that offers clients a calming and relaxing environment in which to get clean. Each treatment plan begins with an evaluation of your individual needs followed by medically supervised detox to get the substance out of your system. 

After detox, the formal treatment plan begins, where we work to identify the root cause of the addiction and give the client the tools necessary to deal with these problems and return to living a normal drug-free life. We also offer aftercare services to help with post-treatment success. 
If you or someone you know is suffering from a Valium addiction, contact Ocean Coast Recovery today.

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