Benefits of Residential Drug Treatment in Los Angeles

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If you are in need of residential drug treatment in Los Angeles, Ocean Coast can help. Everyone deals with addiction differently, which is why residential drug treatment centers should be different. A residential addiction rehab center should create a personalized plan for your situation. 

What is Residential Rehab?

Residential substance abuse treatment is a treatment plan where you live at the treatment center. As a resident, you remain safely within the facility for the duration of your residential drug treatment in Los Angeles. 

Benefits of Residential Drug Treatment in Los Angeles

Good residential drug treatment in Los Angeles brings with it a multitude of benefits:

Higher Success Rates

Residential rehab programs are very well suited to individuals whose home environment is not supportive of rehabilitation or conducive to sobriety. Getting away from everyday stresses and requirements also enables individuals to focus on themselves, work through their substance abuse issues and any co-occurring disorders.

  • One study showed that people who did not undergo residential rehab were more likely to relapse.
  • 62% of people who used residential rehab remained sober for three years compared to only 43% of those who did not choose residential rehab. 
  • 57% of those who made it three years after residential rehab remained sober for over 16 years. 

Medical Supervision 

With residential rehab programs, you have the option to detox and a safe and secure environment where you can get medical care and social support 24 hours per day. Medically supervised detox can help you manage your initial withdrawal symptoms, without which you are more likely to relapse.

More Options

A big part of what leads to higher success rates with residential inpatient programs is the fact that you get a community of support from individuals, not just the staff but other patients, all of whom are going through similar stages of recovery. Inpatient residential programs offer a wider range of therapies, including evidence-based practices and holistic treatments, so that you get a comprehensive recovery plan that doesn’t just help you overcome the symptoms of your addiction but gives you the skills you need to remain sober long-term. 

In situations where you struggle with more than one problem, to successfully overcome your addiction, you have to treat all of your co-occurring issues simultaneously. Residential programs have treatment teams that can understand all of the different, individualized factors at play and help you cultivate a customized treatment plan.

Developing rapport with a counselor and with staff contributes to a higher rate of long-term recovery.

How to Find Residential Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles

Finding a good residential drug treatment in Los Angeles can be difficult if you do not know where to look or what features matter most. 

Dual Diagnosis

For some people having a facility that specializes in dual diagnosis is most important. Dual diagnosis refers to any situation where you might be addicted to more than one substance or have a drug or alcohol addiction alongside other mental health problems. In effect, any situation where you have more than one problem you need to address is best treated at a facility that offers dual diagnosis residential plans.

If you pick a residential drug treatment center that doesn’t offer this, you might end up treating the initial addiction to one type of drug but not addressing the underlying mental health problems that led to your addiction in the first place. This can bring with it a statistically higher rate of relapse. Dual diagnosis facilities have a higher success rate of sobriety. 

Treatment Types

The residential addiction centers available to you will differ in terms of the treatments they offer. Each case is unique, which means that each treatment plan should be unique. Look for a residential addiction rehab in Los Angeles that offers customized plans for each person. What’s more, look for a facility that provides the right combination of evidence-based practice alongside holistic treatments.

  • Evidence-based practices can include medically supervised detox to help you overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms, one-on-one counseling, group therapy, even family therapy.
  • Holistic treatments can include life skills and social skills to help you cope after you have completed your rehab program, including meditation, yoga, stress management, anger management, emotional intelligence, and exercise programs.

Our Huntington Beach location can give you an opportunity to escape from the chaos of your everyday life with our residential addiction treatment. Our state-of-the-art facility is located just a few steps from the beach so that you can safely and comfortably go through your detox and rediscover what matters most for you in a safe and supportive environment. 
If you are ready to start your residential drug treatment in Los Angeles, let Ocean Coast be your guide.

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